That’s Bull, Issue No:001 – Habits of a Millionaire.

Everyone would love to be a millionaire, wouldn’t you say, and there are tons of videos and articles out on the web about all the easy things you can do to become a millionaire. This first issue of That’s Bull, comes to us from Time Magazine. The 12 Habitats of Millionaires, with the 1st habit stating that millionaires are “SUPER SAVERS”. A link to the video is below. Here’s why I have beef.

12 Habits of Millionaires

Right off the bat, millionaires are super savers. That’s all well and good and a fantastic habit, but if you’re struggling just to break even every month like most Americans, then this is easier said than done. And what does it mean to be a super saver? That you can Continue reading “That’s Bull, Issue No:001 – Habits of a Millionaire.”