Nothing like $86,000 in Student Loans and No Job.

Right out of college, I was immediately hit in the face with extreme college debt, see blog post here. The great recession was going full throttle, and no job prospects. It’s partly my fault though for drinking that sweet sweet cool aid they gave me 4 years earlier along with their unprecedented 99% job placement. Granted, in their defense, there’s no way they could have anticipated the recession hitting when it did, nor could I. Thanks big banks! High five!

The field I majored it, was hit particularly hard, the construction industry. Up until 3 months before graduation, I actually had a pretty good internship with a local company who I fully expected to receive an offer from, who then dropped the bomb on me that Continue reading “Nothing like $86,000 in Student Loans and No Job.”

The Silent Killer, Student Loans

This is a very large subject and will certainly require additional posts, but I chose this as my first post because I have major heartburn with it. See, I was the first of my family to attend college. There was no 529 Savings Plan (we’ll dive into 529 plans in future posts) set up for me, nor did I have enough saved up to pay for it myself. At the beginning of my freshman year at college, I sat down with a financial aid advisor and we figured out how I was going to pay for it. This was where I was introduced to the magical and wonderful world of “free money”, the world of student loans.

College is something that high schools attempt to set you up for upon graduation. Junior year of high school, they tell you to start thinking about what you want to do and where you want to go; the possibilities are endless. Not having any experience in this area during the time and not having a family member who’s been through this process before either, I kind of relied on the guidance counselor to point me in the right direction. Although she helped me with the paperwork and filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), I was still just going through the motions, not really understanding what exactly I was getting myself into.

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