You’re Not Ready to Invest

Right out of college, I already hated my first job and I was in a situation where I didn’t make enough money to spend it on luxury items I wanted vs. needed. I drove the same crappy car since I got my driver’s license and I really wanted to upgrade, but I couldn’t afford it. I was in the mind set of “get rich quick” and I scoured the internet for ways to make extra money.

There were certainly a lot of doozies (we’ll get into these get rich quick schemes in future posts), but I was keen on the idea of investing in the stock market and day trading just like Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Of course, this movie was fiction, but the idea of making money just by trading stocks sounded amazing! Who knows, maybe I’d even make a career out of this, if it’s easy enough. Hell, they made it look easy in the movies.

I didn’t know the first thing about investing so I started looking at Youtube videos, looking at Fidelity’s website, trying to figure out what and how to do this thing that was going to make me tons of money. The more I dug into this, the more I realized how complicated it was and how risky it was, not to mention the money I would need to even think about doing this investing thing properly.

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