Wooden Watches

I’m really into wood watches. Even though I don’t own one of my own, because I’m cheap, I do enjoy looking and admiring them. I’d like to give a shout out to Apache Pine, who make some pretty sweet ass wooden watches. Although their selection is pretty limited, you can tell they add a personal touch to their watches.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Original Grain. They have more of a selection to choose from, but are more expensive (you’ll see why when you visit their website).


Pretty Birds

A little insight into my softer side, I enjoy looking at pretty birds. I started following nuts_about_birds on instagram and was shocked to see all the different types of beautiful and colorful birds out there. Although I don’t remember their names, mostly because I choose not to, I do have a favorite: The Toucan.

Look at that beak! Who doesn’t love the Toucan?

I wonder though, do I only like the Toucan because of Fruit Loops?

I Hate Painting

My wife and I recently purchased our first house a few months ago. It was a tad outdated paint color wise, but painting is easy, or so we thought. Yes, painting is quite easy, but it SUCKS! It’s a tedious process that takes patience and I have none. Between masking off, painting trim and the need for more than 1 coat, everything about painting is awful.

I hate painting, therefore, I will never do it again. Next time, I’ll hire out.


It’s Always Sunny

Anyone else Netflix binge? But not because you wanted to, but because you had to?

I started watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia probably 2 months ago. Watching an episode here and there, but then I heard Netflix is canceling the show December 8th. When I heard this disastrous news, I counted the episodes left (96) and the number of days left until the 8th (29), I knew I was in for a challenge. That’s over 3 episodes a day.

I watched 16 episodes today, a personal best, but not because I wanted to, it was because I had to. What I found out was that binging is not fun, I hated it actually. Especially when it’s the same show.

Although it’s not enjoyable, I feel compelled to do it, I must do it, for my own satisfaction. It would drive me crazy to know I didn’t finish the series.

Netflix…I hate and love you at the same time.

Christmas is Coming!

“Taste like a shitty cup of coffee”

Who else can feel the excitement in the air? It seems that stores put out the Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year, but I don’t mind. This is my favorite season.

“Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn and Syrup”

With Christmas, comes all the movie classics like The Santa Clause, The Polar Express, National Lampoons, and of course A Christmas Story…

“Buddy the Elf, What’s your Favorite Color?”

and of course Elf!

I also enjoy the smell of pine, but maybe that’s just my manliness showing.

Wild Berry Skittles

I enjoy the finer things in life, like wild berry skittles. I bought a 14oz bag on Sunday and already downed half the bag. No need in reading the nutritional values, I know I’ve already exceeded my daily calorie intake enjoying these lovely things.

I can’t stop….and I won’t stop…