That’s Bull, Issue No:001 – Habits of a Millionaire.

Everyone would love to be a millionaire, wouldn’t you say, and there are tons of videos and articles out on the web about all the easy things you can do to become a millionaire. This first issue of That’s Bull, comes to us from Time Magazine. The 12 Habitats of Millionaires, with the 1st habit stating that millionaires are “SUPER SAVERS”. A link to the video is below. Here’s why I have beef.

12 Habits of Millionaires

Right off the bat, millionaires are super savers. That’s all well and good and a fantastic habit, but if you’re struggling just to break even every month like most Americans, then this is easier said than done. And what does it mean to be a super saver? That you can save 25% of your income, 35%, maybe 50%? It’s hard enough, with life right on your heels, to save up just enough to cover an emergency. If you don’t think that most Americans would love to save up money if they could, than you’re ignorant.

The video goes on to state that millionaires, use coupons while shopping and 50% and 34% shop on Amazon and Walmart, respectively. Well, what exactly does this prove and what are they implying? That Amazon and Walmart are lower class? Well I’d bet that Millionaires also buy gas at BP or Kwik Trip, making them even more like me, how exciting. Just something about these shopping statements irks me and rubs me the wrong way. You to?

The video states that 95% are hard working. While I wouldn’t entirely disagree, but it all depends on the situation doesn’t it? What about a mother or father working 2 jobs to feed their family. That’s certainly hard work, but it doesn’t mean squat if all it does is give them breathing room to buy clothes for their children or save up just enough to fix the water heater or whatever the case may be. Cool, millionaires are hard working. It proves nothing to me. Breaking News: Millionaires Drive Fast to Work…You Could be Millionaire Material.

81% of millionaires invest for long-term goals, not current needs. Well congratulations, you have enough income to do that. What a slap in face, as if stating some brand new revelation that long term saving is where it’s at these days. No crap that millionaires are long-term savers, otherwise they wouldn’t be a millionaire.

This whole video stinks of irrelevance to the middle and lower class. It’s just a video made by upper class, for upper class.

Thanks for listening!



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